Customized IR LPCVD / RTP / ALD

… motivation for novel rector concepts for R&D

  • thermal modulated ALD very useful for development of new precursors enabling the use of thermally incompatible precursors
  • deposition of unlimited wide range of nanolaminates
  • possibility for in situ surface cleaning at high temperatures
  • possibility for in situ post deposition annealing
  • easily replaceable chamber components fast switch between different material systems utilizing different shaped substrates comfortable cleaning
  • free choice of large scale process parameter


ATV's ALD platform

  • suitable for different operation modes – thermal modulated ALD, plasma enhanced ALD, photo-assisted ALD
  • Continuous operation at up to 600 °C
  • Rapid ramping up to 1050°C
  • multiple integrated gas and liquid sources
  • vaporizer system
  • liquid rinse of supply lines
  • automatic or semi-automatic wafer loading
  • SEMI S2 conform safety interlock system
  • Small footprint and Clean room compatible




Reactor design

  • cross flow configuration
  • adapted quartz inner reactors for different substrate types
  • two separate precursor inlets
  • 36 kW heating power
  • 50 °C/sec up to 1050°C
  • program controlled chamber wall temperature
  • interface for in-situ inspection