High Precision Hot Plates up to 450°C

HT-121 / 122 / 201 / 304 / 306

Key features:

  • Chrome plated hot plate with high thermal mass maintaining a constant temperature without deviation even when placing large items on the heated surface
  • Standard temperature range up to 450°C
  • Rapid heating by powerful heaters (50°C/min) and faster
  • Excellent temperature uniformity over the heated surface
  • PID temperature controller with digital set point/actual temperature display
  • Fan cooled working area around the hot plate (HT-304/306)
  • Cooling air blown out/air curtain at front of heated surface protects the operator from fumes (HT-304/306)
  • Under the gap around the hot plate is a catch tray to collect any particles protecting the hot plate electronics (HT-304/306)
  • Ergonomically designed, easy to operate and extremely reliable
  • Suitable also for bench top cut-out insertion (HT-304/306)
  • Vacuum clamping
  • Customised features and design on request
  • Detailed individual specifications on request