Plasma Decapsulation


Plasma decapsulation of plastic IC packages with copper wire bonds or others for failure analysis maintaining die functionality



THE BSET EQ PLASER ™ IS THE WORLDS ONLY FULLY AUTOMATED PLASMA DECAPPER. The system has many advanced features that make it the system of choice for your plasma decapping needs…


  • Affordability
  • State of the art controller
  • “Next step” Fillerblast® technology
  • Progress monitor via camera
  • End point detection via image analysis
  • Precision automated stage with advanced controls
  • Proprietary plasma source
  • Switch between plasma sources for anisotropic etch
  • Plasma power ramping and tuner
  • up to 250 micro meter/hour epoxy etch
  • Precision temperature control at stage
  • Data logging
  • Special vacuum configuration for pump protection