Plasma cleaning/etching

Reactive ion etching - BSET EQ Plasmas FA-2000

Plasma failure analyze, plasma decapsulation, plasma delayering


  • Anisotropic or isotropic etch
  • Industry leader in isotropic d-cap
  • Passivation removal
  • Removal of interlayer dielectrics
  • Single wafer clean, strip or etch
  • Reverse sputtering
  • Specialty decap of I.C.s
  • General R&D

Clean/etch/treat - BSET EQ Plasmas NT Series

Plasma cleaning, plasma etching, plasma treatment, planar plasma processing, plasma processing


  • Anisotropic or Isotropic action
  • Semiconductor packaging apps
  • Die attach, wirebond, ball attach, molding and marking
  • PCB manufacture applications
  • Wafer probe manufacturing
  • 300mm wafer etching for reclaim

Plasma barrel reactor - BSET EQ Plasmas SP Series

Plasma stripping, plasma tube reactor, downstream plasma reactor, plasma activation, plasma asher

  • Isotropic batch etching
  • Asbestos analysis
  • Ashing, etching or cleaning apps
  • Resist strip or descum of wafers
  • Wafer etching in batch
  • Hybrid circuit cleaning
  • Treatment of odd shaped items
  • SEM sample prep